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! Announcements - A Bulletin Board for the TFN online community! 74  100  11/29/04 8:57am
! Attack of the Clones - Discussion forum for Attack of the Clones. 7,117  496,818  7/8/05 9:43am
! Big Brother 3: The Mods Strike Back - "At last we will reveal ourselves to the trouble last we will have our revenge." The forum where all of the Big Brother contestants are locked for 14 weeks. Come in and watch the insanity ensue... 633  6,911  4/8/05 7:54am
! Big Brother 4 - Game Four House 793  11,454  8/27/07 2:25pm
! Big Brother 5 - Take a bunch of JCers, lock them all in one forum, and cut off their contact with the rest of humanity. What happens? Only one way to find out... 1,302  13,531  8/21/09 3:06pm
! Big Brother Girls - Inactive Forum 326  3,453  8/24/07 3:04pm
! Big Brother Guys - Inactive Forum 402  2,967  8/24/07 3:04pm
! Big Brother House - This is the forum for the Big Brother Game. 340  15,196  10/26/03 8:40pm
! Big Brother Strikes Back - Season 2 of the Big Brother game! 250  6,823  11/4/03 1:52pm
! Episode IV: No Spoilers Allowed - Discuss and speculate about the upcoming sequel to Revenge of the Sith. 56  426  4/3/06 1:53pm
! Episode IV: Spoilers Allowed - Discuss the upcoming sequel to Revenge of the Sith. Spoilers allowed! 164  1,612  4/3/06 1:02pm
! Fan Audio - A fan of the old radio theater? You can discuss here the many fan created audio projects across the internet or find people to help you make your own. 333  2,933  9/1/08 5:36pm
! Fan Sites - Have a fan site of your own? Want to get started creating one? Come in and share tips, tricks, advice and a wealth of information about running your own website. 1,071  7,064  6/28/08 11:01am
! Focus Group: Bashers, bashing and the Jedi Council - Focus group to discuss perceptions and misperception between bashers, mods and the rest of the JC, and how to move forward. 476  7/11/06 9:44am
  Focus Group: Classic Trilogy - Canon Wars - Improving purist/completist relations in the movie forums. 640 
! Focus Group: Fan Fiction v2.0 - The latest Fan Fiction focus group. 810  7/7/05 6:58pm
  Focus Group: JCC Focus Group 35  1,288 
! Focus Group: JCC/Senate Relations - A forum for discussion of JCC/Senate issues. 11  330  2/3/06 9:12am
! Forum Feud - It's time ... to play the Feud! This forum will host the game and the relevant information for the board wide game of "The Forum Feud!" 38  9,453  2/24/09 8:42am
  Games: TCG - Discuss Wizard's of the Coast Star Wars Trading Card Game 240  2,034 
! Literature (Spoilers Allowed) - Take your first step into a larger world. Discuss the storylines of the novels, comics and more. The entire Star Wars universe is awaiting you. This forum allows spoiler discussion of the EU! 22  539  4/16/07 4:13pm
! Literature Poll forum - This forum is to be used to vote on matters concerning the Literature forum. 11  442  10/27/02 1:15am
! Literature Review Forum - A board for reviews of novels, comics and RPG sources in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. 100  2,640  4/2/08 11:25am
  Revenge of the Sith - Discussion forum for the third and final chapter of the Star Wars Saga! 52,565  2,972,331 
! Revenge of the Sith (Non-Spoilers) - Discuss Episode III without fear of being spoiled! 2,681  102,226  7/3/05 11:42am
  Revenge of the Sith (Non-Spoilers): Registration - Register here to discuss Ep. III in a spoiler free setting! 11  2,281 
! Scifi 3D Forum - Forum for the SCI FI 3D site at THEFORCE.NET. Open to all discussions related to 3D graphics. 4,007  32,936  7/30/10 7:15pm
! The Phantom Menace - Discussion forum for the Beginning Chapter to the Star Wars Saga. 2,142  108,976  1/21/10 5:12pm
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