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! Your Jedi Council Community - Want to relax after discussing Star Wars? Then get to know your fellow Jedi Knights here! 123,197  5,509,465  6:25am
! The Amphitheatre - Discuss and debate music (film music, instruments, classical, theory), art, literature, dramatic works (film, theater, TV) and cultural topics with your fellow Jedi Council members. 6,676  360,405  5:39am
! The Arena - Join users from around the world in discussions about every sport both big and small from every corner of the globe. 1,188  92,726  5:08am
! Census and Games - A place to vote in tournaments and polls and to play games on a wide variety of topics. Only Moderators post polls, but everyone is welcome to participate. 1,800  238,718  2/24 9:34pm
! The Senate Floor - Come discuss and debate important social, political, and cultural issues with your fellow Jedi Council members. 4,459  408,419  2:09am
! Pancakes and Waffles Forum - Do you like Pancakes? How about Waffles? Boy are you in luck! 400  3,692  2/24 2:51pm
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