PRS Tremonti (Charcoal Burst)
Vigier Excalibur Kaos
PRS McCarty 58 (Whale Blue)
Diezel Hagen 100W Head
Diezel VH4 Blue Face SE
Caparison Angelus M3B Black
Caparison Dellinger FX Oiled Walnut
DiMarzio Evolution 7 (Green)
DiMarzio Blaze 7 (Green)
G&L; ASAT Classic Bluesboy S/H (Honeyburst)
G&L; ASAT Classic (Redburst)
G&L; ASAT DLX (Clear Forest Green)
G&L; ASAT DLX Semi-Hollow (Greenburst)
ESP STEF-B7 Baritone 7-String
ESP M-I Standard NTB BKS
PRS Artist V LTD (Teal Black)
Caparison Horus Thunder Cloud/GO
ESP Eclipse II ACSB Quilt
ESP Eclipse II Vintage Black
Caparison Dellinger HGS Pro.Black w/ BKP
Fryette Pittbull 100/CL
PRS Tremonti (Blue Crab Blue)
PRS Artist V LTD (Various)
PRS ME Quatro (Purple Hazel)
PRS Tremonti (Eriza Verde)
PRS CU24 (Vintage Burst)
ESP Eclipse II (VB)
ESP KH-2 SE (Greenburst)
ESP M-II EMG (Black)
H&K; Triamp MK2
Diezel Hagen
Diezel Herbert MK2
Vigier Excalibur Ultra
Vigier Excalibur Special
Diamond F4

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