Who we are at Junk Food

A recently started production company, Junk Food is intended, as its claim reads, to create “content for humans”.

In stride with contemporary information technology always changing outlook, we produce content for humans whatever the platform and ready to migrate from one another.

“Content is King” and we do choose content on the basis of what we think a contemporary human would need and would like.

We want to be creative, original, compelling, accurate, precise, fun: we want to achieve seriality, loyalty, cross media, cross platforms.


First we did a collection of 30 DVD's, called "The tennis greatests", a story of the head to head matches between the greatest champions of all time, with more than 60 original interviews.

We ended up selling 300.000 copies.


Then we did a 26 (+5) DVD collection named “MotoMondiale Story”, a history of the motorbike and MotoGp scene.

With Valentino Rossi extraordinary performances sided by over 80 original interviews, the series sold over 800.000 copies: a huge success.


We are currently running a successful web television on fashion, fashion world and fashion addicts, with daily new content and an increasing fan base over the internet and in the social networks as well.

Check it on www.lostinfashion.it


Other involvements of ours have included several executive productions for both national and international networks.



Lately we joined forces with BasicNet to bring 8bit Generation to the waiting audience and BasicNet is now actually co-producing the series.

BasicNet President, Marco Boglione, a brilliant Italian entrepreneur in the fashion field, is well known worldwide for his deep interest in the IT and 8bit topics. His many projects include the building of a unique collection and the creation of the most important Italian museum about the history of Information Technology.

Months ago he bought a very rare still boxed Apple I in auction at Christies for 220.000$ and he has shown it in universities and several enthusiasts' gatherings.

Apple I has been very carefully checked, repaired and turned up and it’s now in optimum working conditions.