Friends of Liberty!

Let me introduce you to my daily ways of waking up the sheeple

I arrive in one of dozens of so called employment centers where I print at no cost say 100 copies of the front page of my website.

Next step is to insert them within free local newspapers post them on bus stops in subways on lamp posts community message boards within newspapers in libraries and hand them out to people.

Chapters & Indigo bookstores have free info-computers about books in their stores.

I print there also at no cost dozens of info-slips of Ron Paul's End The Fed and other titles then proceed to insert those within Obama McCain and other author's books.

Using my three channels I post comments under popular high traffic videos exposing people to Ron Paul's message as well as directing them to Daily Paul and my website.

It is very effective -- unlike standing at the side of the highway waving a sign in sub zero temperatures I am relaxed sitting in a warm cozy community center sipping coffee and my words are read by millions of Youtube guests must add at zero cost.

Now if say 400,000 of you Daily Paul members and visitors joined me in these and similar kind of activities I think the NWO would crumble within mere days!

Love Liberty Peace!