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Moderator Complaint Resolution Process

Whenever you have a problem with a moderator's action, it is preferrable that you contact the moderator involved directly. Should an unresolved problem arise with the actions of a moderator, please contact an administrator for review and investigation.

Please provide as much information relating to the complaint as possible. Be specific. If you have a problem with moderating a specific thread or post, provide a link to the posts involved. If you cannot give a link, at least give the date and time of the post, and the URL of the thread. If you wish to report a pattern of complaints, provide several examples and links. Unclear allegations are dificult to investigate and may be dismissed for lack of evidence.

Once receiving a complaint, an administrator will begin an investigation. The administrator will review the post(s) indicated, the user notes of the involved parties, as well as any other relevant materials. If additional information is required, the administrator will contact the user(s) and moderator(s) involved in the matter for further information. In the case of further investigation, all parties will be requested to describe their views of the matter. Once enough information is available, the investigating administrator will decide a resolution for the complaint. If the investigating administrator determines that discipline may be required against a moderator, the case will be given to the Head Admin for review and final decision. The investigating administrator may choose to make a non-binding recommendation to the Head Admin on possible resolutions.

All complaints will be reported to the Head Admin by the investigating administrator(s) on a weekly basis, providing a summary of both the complaint and its resolution or current status (i.e. received, under investigation, awaiting responses, etc). If the Head Admin determines that a moderator has accumulated excessive complaints, the Head Admin may initiate further investigation or discipline as required. The Head Admin may decide to delegate investigation of a complaint to a different admin than the one receiving the initial complaint.

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This document my be revised as needed.


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