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The Patient's Right to Know
By Peter Huber, Forbes, 07-24-06

The Icon on 34th St.
By Julia Vitullo-Martin, New York Post, 07-09-06

When Lawyers Go to War
By Heather Mac Donald, Wall Street Journal, 07-07-06

Ground Zero Risks
By Nicole Gelinas, New York Post, 07-07-06

A Surprise Lurks at Stuyvesant TownLuxury Rentals
By Julia Vitullo-Martin, New York Sun, 07-06-06

Of Pills and Profits: In Defense of Big Pharma
By Peter Huber, Commentary, July/August 2006 (This article also appeared on RealClearPolitics.com 07-05-06)

Drunken Sailors
By E. J. McMahon, New York Post, 07-05-06

Let's Get A Border Deal Done
By Tamar Jacoby, Washington Post, 07-01-06 (This article also appeared on RealClearPolitics.com 07-01-06)

A Bounced Fact-Check
By Nicole Gelinas, New York Post, 06-30-06

N.Y. Judge Wars: Hidden '06 Issue
By Walter Olson, New York Post, 06-30-06

Developers Partner With Preservationists To Save Houses of Worship
By Julia Vitullo-Martin, New York Sun, 06-29-06

Divvying Up
By Abigail Thernstrom, Wall Street Journal, 06-29-06

Education Myths
By Jay Greene, American Enterprise Online, July/August 2006 (This article also appeared on RealClearPolitics.com 06-23-06)

National Security Be Damned
By Heather Mac Donald, Weekly Standard, 07-03-06 (This article also appeared on RealClearPolitics.com 06-24-06)

Tax breaks won't aid New York's economy
By E.J. McMahon, Post-Standard, 06-27-06

Nonprofit and For-Profit: Blurring the Line
By Howard Husock, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 06-29-06

Taking a Back Seat
By Matthew Smith, New York Sun, 06-23-06

The Need for Intelligence-Led Policing
By Michael Barrett, DomPrep Journal, 06-21-06

New Orlean's Criminal Chaos
By Nicole Gelinas, New York Post, 06-21-06

What to Do on Immigration
By Tamar Jacoby, Council on Foreign Relations, 06-20-06

Mainstreaming Men
By John McWhorter, New York Sun, 06-19-06

House Hard-Liners Have No Plan for Illegal Immigrants Already Here
By Tamar Jacoby, Orange County Register, 06-18-06

Lawsuit Heaven - NYC's Hell
By Walter Olson, New York Post, 06-15-06

Where Would You Rather Be Sick?
By David Gratzer, Wall Street Journal, 06-15-06

The Star Delusion
By E.J. McMahon, New York Post, 06-13-06

Immigration Reform: The Challenges Ahead
By Tamar Jacoby, Ripon Forum, June/July 2006

New York's Pension Peril
By E. J. McMahon, New York Post, 06-08-06

The Wrath of Ka
By Nidra Poller, FrontPageMagazine.com, 06-07-06 (This article also appeared on City-Journal.org 06-06-06)

The Feds' Foul: Clintonite Security Goals
By Nicole Gelinas, New York Post, 06-06-06

The Brain Workout
By Brian C. Anderson, Wall Street Journal, 06-02-06

Paging Dr. Greenspan
By David Gratzer, New York Sun, 06-02-06

West Harlem Ambition Could Usurp Local Stores and Limit Residential Development
By Julia Vitullo-Martin, New York Sun, 06-01-06

Ambiguous Utopias
By Julia Vitullo-Martin, Books & Culture, May/June 2006

Health policy in Maryland and Massachusetts: A study in contrasts
By Regina Herzlinger, Examiner, 05-30-06

NYSE'S Euro Vacation
By Nicole Gelinas, New York Post, 5-30-06

Not another class of victims
By Heather Mac Donald, USA Today, 5-30-06 (This article also appeared on RealClearPolitics.com 05-30-06)

Coming to America
By Tamar Jacoby, Washington Post, 5-28-06

Creative Destruction
By Julia Vitullo-Martin, Wall Street Journal, 5-27-06

Madea and Her Methods
By John McWhorter, Wall Street Journal, 5-27-06

By Theodore Dalrymple, Wall Street Journal, 5-25-06

Is the New York Times About to be Indicted?
By James Piereson, The New Criterion, 5-24-06 (This article also appeared on RealClearPolitics.com 05-24-06)

Spending isn't answer for all problems
By E.J. McMahon, The Post-Standard, 5-23-06

Immigration-reform essentials still intact
By Tamar Jacoby, Orange County Register, 5-23-06

Counting Diplomas and 9th-Graders
By Jay P. Greene and Marcus A. Winters, Washington Post, 5-23-06

When one door closes
By Howard Husock, Times Picayune, 5-23-06

Inside Milberg's Credenza
By Walter Olson, Wall Street Journal, 5-22-06

Information Please
By Heather Mac Donald, The Weekly Standard, 5-22-06 (This article also appeared on RealClearPolitics.com 05-13-06)

They'd Sooner Fix Medicaid
By Tom Coburn and Regina Herzlinger, Wall Street Journal, 5-18-06

Pumping Fact & Fiction
By Max Schulz, National Review Online, 5-15-06

Newark's Hope
By Steven Malanga, New York Post, 5-15-06

Lee Harvey Oswald and the Liberal Crack-Up
By James Piereson, RealClearPolitics.com, 5-15-06(This article also appeared on Commentary 05-02-06)

Make My (Mother's) Day...
By Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal, 5-13-06

Assimilation Nation
By Peter D. Salins, New York Times, 5-11-06


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New Immigration Poll released
June 22, 2006

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Prescription for Progress Prescription for Progress:
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· Washington Post Op-Ed
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Key Findings
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NRO Immigration Symposium
Heather Mac Donald analyzes President Bush's May 15, 2006 Address on Immigration

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March 23, 2006

Taxing and Spending in the Empire State. Taxing and Spending in the Empire State: Overview of the 2006-07 Executive Budget by E.J. McMahon

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