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18,158,916 to the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, Inc.

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Manhattan Institute website


Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, Inc.

New York, NY 10017

[From Buying a Movement, PFAW]

The Institute "...advocates privatization of sanitation services and infrastructure maintenance, deregulation in the area of environmental and consumer protection, school vouchers and cuts in government spending on social welfare programs; it is a preferred source of information for New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani."

Literary home of Bradley-funded author Charles Murray while he was writing the book Losing Ground.


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Roger Ailes
January 18, 2006

More Oreo Lies

In a piece touting Ken Blackwell as the new Ronald Reagan -- which should come in handy if Blackwell's ever indicted -- a City Journal hack repeats the lie that Lt. Governor Michael Steele was pelted with cookies...

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Norman Solomon / Extra!
March 1, 1998

The Manhattan Institute: Launch Pad For Conservative Authors

When Abigail Thernstrom became a national media star in late 1997, her prominence as a scholarly foe of affirmative action was yet another triumph for the Manhattan Institute. Once again, its "Book Fellowship Program" had launched an author into the media stratosphere.

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