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Recipients of Smith Richardson Foundation grants, in descending order

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Smith Richardson Foundation at Guidestar

Smith Richardson Foundation website


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Smith Richardson Foundation

1998 Assets = $528,810,800 (from the SRF 990)

From The Feeding Trough:

Financed by the Vicks Vaporub fortune, this foundation is estimated to have assets of about $250 million. Became active in supporting conservative caues in 1973 when R. Randolph Richardson became president. Funded the early "supply-side" books of Jude Wanniski and George Gilder. The Richardsons are estimated by Forbes to have a net worth of $870 million, making them one of the country's richest families.

From their website:

Smith Richardson Foundation
60 Jesup Road
Westport, CT 06880
203.222.6222/fax 203.222.6282

For some reason the SRF legal address is different:

Smith Richardson Foundation Inc., and Subsidiaries
701 Green Valley Rd, Suite 300
Greensboro, NC, 27408
Phone: 336-272-1772


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Smith Richardson Foundation at Guidestar

Smith Richardson Foundation
January 1, 2003

SRF Board of Directors, 2003

Includes Ben Wattenberg, who is funded by the foundation, Samuel Huntington, and American Enterprise Institute scholar Christopher DeMuth. AEI is heavily funded by SRF.

Read the full report >

SR Update, 2001

According to the Smith Richardson Foundation Year 2001 IRS 990, the foundation now has assets of $494 million (fair market value).

It gave away $23 million in 2001

SR Update, 2000

According to the Smith Richardson Foundation Year 2000 annual report, the foundation lost more than $65 million in the year 2000 due to their crappy investment performance.

As of December, 31, 2000, the foundation had assets of $549 million.