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Current Administrators v3.0Kadue  - 1/15/03 5:06am
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Communications Frequently Asked Questions v4.0, and Other Useful InformationMr. P 16/21/02 10:03am
JC Forums Rules & RegulationsMr. P 16/21/02 9:59am
The Banned-User Guide: Instructions for banned usersMr. P 16/21/02 9:57am
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Literature Forum Spoiler GuidelinesKadue  - 4/5/02 8:04am
Current Administrators and Contact Information v2.0 and VIP infoMr. P 14/3/02 1:35pm
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FanForce FAQ (what's this all about?)Hama  - 11/1/01 10:02am
New Sock PolicyMr. P  - 9/10/01 7:05pm
The In's and Out's of Forum Hopping (all new members read) v.3.0; Snowboard Adaption Mr. P  - 9/10/01 6:58pm
*** Welcome to the Forums! *** v 2.0 (Attack of the Clones & Episode III (Spoilers) version)Kadue  - 9/10/01 6:57pm
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Forum EtiquetteMr. P 49/10/01 6:53pm
Non-Spoiler Forum Rules Updated 03/22, 2002Mr. P  - 9/10/01 6:48pm
The Official Welcome ThreadMr. P  - 9/10/01 6:39pm
The Jedi Council HandbookMr. P  - 9/10/01 6:34pm
The Margaritaville Yellow Pages and Glossary: v3.1Mr. P 209/10/01 6:28pm
The purpose of this boardMr. P  - 9/10/01 1:24pm