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Author Topic: The Banned-User Guide: Instructions for banned users
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Date Posted: 9/10/01 2:38pm Subject: The Banned-User Guide: Instructions for banned users - Date Edited: 6/21/02 9:33am (1 edits total) Edited By: Kadue
Originally posted by Vertical

The Banned-User Guide: Instructions for banned users

So, you logged on today, and found yourself banned, eh? Well, that means one of two things: you either 1) broke the rules and are currently banned for that infraction, or 2) have been caught in a case of mistaken identity, or are mixed up in an IP ban that was not intended for you. I'll explain all that lingo later on...

First, I'd like to talk about the first scenario: You broke the rules, and are now banned.

If you know what you did...
If you know what you did, that's half the battle. In this case, simply fill out an 'unban request form', indicating why you feel that you should be allowed back into the forums, despite having broken the rules. What you should be trying to relate on this form is that you understand the rules, respect the rules, have no intention of breaking them again, and that you understand that if you do break them again, you will be permanently banned from the Jedi Council forums.

Once you have filled out an unban request, you should hear back from the administration within 1-3 days. It could be faster than that, but I'm not about to promise speedy results. You broke the rules, after all, so you're not exactly our top priority. Hope you understand.

If, after 2-3 days you still haven't gotten a response, drop the administration a line at, explaining your situation, and enquire why you haven't received a response to your unban request. Please include your banned username at the JC. That's all that's necessary.

Should you fail to receive a response to that email, you may use this final method, but only for this express purpose - you may create another username on the JC which you may use to send a Private Message to an admin. Check the Users Online page to see which admins are on at that time, or check the Interactive Moderator List for a list of all the mods, and links to their profiles (where there's a link to send them a Private Message). Please note: You may not use this alias to post with. Use it only to send Private Messages to moderators. If you post with this alias, the length of your ban will be doubled.

If the Moderator fails to reply, try again with another moderator. By this time, you will hopefully have already received a response, so it should never come to this, but in the event of some strange phenomenon, where all of these steps do not get you a response, simply keep trying different mods. Someone will answer you.
If you have no idea what you did...
Now, if you have no earthly idea why you are banned, which happens a lot, you can do a few things:

1) Send an email to, informing us of your situation. Please be sure and include your username that is banned at the JC. If you don't tell us who you are, we can't help.

2) Fill out an unban request form, and state that you do not know why you are banned, and could someone please help.

We'll get back to you on these requests as soon as we can. Sometimes, there are accidental bans, mistaken identities, or members get caught in IP bans that weren't intended for them. All of these problems can be sorted out quickly, and you'll be back posting in no time. This does not apply to a situation where you (as a banned member) say "I don't think what I said was flaming/trolling/spamming". That's not your call. If a mod thinks it was, you're banned. the only situation where you will be unbanned immediately is if it's proven that you were not the person that the ban was intended for.

If, however, it turns out that you broke the rules, and that's why you're banned, you will be informed of which rule you broke, and how long your ban is for. After that time, you will be unbanned. This is not automatic. If we tell you that you are receiving a 24 hour ban for spamming, and after 27 hours you are not unbanned, simply send off either another email or another unban request, informing us of the situation. We'll get to it as soon as we can.

If you are told that the length of your ban is undetermined, you obviously committed a pretty serious offense. In that case, you may either continue by filling out another unban request, or another email, demonstrating (again) that you understand the rules, respect the rules, intend to follow the rules, and understand that if you break them again, you will be banned from the Jedi Council Forums permanently. I'm not promising this will get you back in, but it's your best shot.
Spank - "Spank" is the term often used for a temporary ban. It is employed for lesser offenses. Customary spanks are 24 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours. After the time passes, you will be unbanned. No need to fill out an unban request form if you know how long the spank is for (unless that time period passes without your being unbanned). Please note, however: once you have received any type of ban, if you are allowed to return, you are on 'probation'. Any future slip ups will immediately result in your being banned.

Name Ban - this is a ban that prohibits access to the JC for one particular username. This is normally the type of ban that we place on members whose ISP's are large providers (AOL), where an IP ban could accidentally ban others.

IP Ban - An IP ban will ban access to the JC forums for the IP address that you are currently posting from. If you have a static IP (one that doesn't change each time you restart), this means you will not be able to log in under another username. This will affect any other members of the JC in your household, so be sure not to bring this upon yourself.

Host Ban - This ban, no longer available, was once used to ban an entire host (i.e. AOL, mediaone, at&t. etc.) from accessing the JC forums. No longer used.

Permanent Ban - This ban means that you have been permanently ejected from the community, and are no longer welcome to return. If you receive one of these, the best thing you can do is move on. In a month or so, if you wish to return, fill out an unban request, and do your best to convince us why we should let you return. The odds are against you, however.
- Do not use the unban request form as your personal "I demand to be unbanned right now!" form. It's an unban request, to be used to either clarify the reason for the ban, or for you to explain why you believe you should be let back into the JC. If you feel you are innocent, use the email, not the unban request form.

- Do not return and post under another alias.

- Do not post a thread in Communications or anywhere else asking "Why was I banned?" as this only draws unnecessary attention and takes up valuable space on the front page, too. As such, don't ask someone to do this kind of thing for you either.

- Do not talk privately to an admin other than the one who banned you. If you do not want to settle it with the admin who banned you alone, feel that he/she has some kind of bias or misjudgment, and would wish to inform the admins in general, please e-mail . And naturally, if you don't know which admin banned you and would like to inquire, use e-mail as well.


This thread is a new version of IronParrot's old "What to do if you are banned" thread. I felt that the old version, while still very informative, was getting a bit dated, so it needed a little upgrade and sprucing up. Thanks go to IronParrot for writing most of what this will be based on. If you'd like to see the original thread, click here --> old version of this thread


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